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TopicLast EditLast Author
Rosa Unvoiced (at least in opening scene))?02:11, June 7, 2013173.48.213.164
Does the PS3 patch work for the PC demo?12:10, June 3, 2013Levani22
Episode 3 Voice15:43, May 28, 2013Kirai Aizuren
Where are the save files kept?06:19, May 27, 2013ReMeDy
How to set up19:34, May 12, 2013108.17.131.61
Is it possible to convert PS3 patch for android?02:34, May 3, 2013Witchmobile
Should I beat the game before doing Tea Party?09:29, April 30, 201394.240.208.173
Saves deleted?23:13, March 25, 2013AkaneNagamiya
Widescreen Quickfix17:02, February 3, 20135.14.172.212
Dead??10:15, January 20, 2013Levani22
Can't dl the patch06:07, November 19, 201279.85.208.226
Can`t see save screen10:25, November 17, 201267.55.5.238
Voices13:44, November 14, 201262.255.103.75
How do you do this?23:57, October 31, 2012Liberatedliberator
Can't download the 1-4 patch05:31, October 30, 201271.233.30.227
Why does the background + characters dim when text displays?06:23, October 18, 201286.27.164.239
Too big game window02:40, October 14, 2012Hanyuu502023
V1.00 release date?04:01, September 12, 2012Liberatedliberator
Missing CGs22:37, August 19, 2012Liberatedliberator
CG aspect ratio06:11, August 19, 2012Liberatedliberator
Can't save even with administrator rights15:31, July 26, 2012007AVIAVI
Will 99c add voices?22:19, July 23, 2012178.2.141.67
Are the voices in english17:21, July 19, 2012Hanyuu502023
How can I install ?12:40, June 12, 2012178.193.236.237
1080p06:33, June 9, 201294.240.208.173
Voice patch it far too big, could I have it as a torrent instead?01:52, June 9, 201271.137.254.251
Eva-Beatrice using the wrong sprite?19:50, June 5, 201294.240.208.173
Bgm Volume12:20, June 2, 201279.117.112.71
Character intro in tip15:51, May 19, 201258.9.88.184
Character Bio08:29, May 12, 2012Saq78642
Talk page progress20:54, April 3, 2012Djrunn3r
Mac Compatibility18:30, March 6, 201224.19.237.79
Orignal Japanese Game03:48, March 3, 2012EndlessWitchBeatrice
Spirte outfits02:34, March 3, 201269.127.197.68
New backgrounds?21:16, February 25, 2012Hanyuu502023
One thing at a time?02:55, February 21, 2012Themanwithnoplan
Version change and Save file problem05:21, January 27, 2012Hanyuu502023
Tweaking episodes 5-8?08:27, January 22, 201282.23.81.37
Text boxes? :P02:32, January 21, 201268.196.51.14
Compatibility question17:37, January 5, 2012Saq78642
Cant start the game12:05, January 5, 2012220.255.2.128
Alchemist23:14, January 3, 2012Saq78642
Contest09:29, January 2, 2012Saq78642
Ps3 Moving lips19:10, December 17, 2011Total drama wipeout
PS3 CGs?22:21, December 16, 2011108.67.52.145
Wondering19:50, December 5, 201165.31.23.20
DAT Files22:04, November 29, 2011Saq78642
Dead?01:00, November 25, 201174.58.68.75
Full screen19:08, November 3, 2011Hanyuu502023
Voice bug?13:32, October 29, 2011Hanyuu502023
I have a question21:01, October 27, 2011Hanyuu502023
Typography03:34, September 30, 2011EveOfRapture
Ok so to it only works with ep. 1?09:14, September 24, 2011Saq78642
Did everything as told in the but voices stop working at the begin of ep209:04, September 24, 201184.155.212.203
I added the background patch but still I'm seeing the old background02:15, September 17, 2011190.100.54.58
Suggestions11:02, September 11, 2011190.64.31.196
Voice only?21:51, September 9, 2011Saq78642
Welcome to the watercooler21:50, September 9, 2011Saq78642
Japanese Text19:56, September 6, 2011Saq78642
Regarding sprites00:32, September 5, 2011Saq78642
Something about the sprites...21:42, September 3, 2011Immblueversion
Youtube Channel14:57, September 3, 2011Nerknerk
O my god... thank you!!!!07:21, September 3, 2011Saq78642
A suggestion20:30, September 1, 2011Nerknerk
Background patch?00:34, August 30, 2011Saq78642
Cecil Here03:28, August 26, 2011EveOfRapture
Thanks!!17:47, August 23, 2011EveOfRapture

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