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This page is for tweaking Umineko No Naku Koro Ni. This patch will tweak Episodes 1 - 4. You need to download everything.


Umineko : When they Cry "Witch's Reasoning and Rondo"

UmiTweak Patch Ver. 2.5

2.5 Sprite + CG Arc Revision 1 (arc1.nsa) 

  • Instructions: Extract the arc, then move the arc1.nsa to the UmiTweak Patch folder ( [UmiTweak v2.0]  Rondo of the Witch and Reasoning).

2.5  Background Arc (arc2.nsa)

Voice Arcs (arc3.nsa + arc4.nsa)

Textbox (arc5.nsa)

  • Download Link!kEggHYaK!Ex4WGvftoJlLidi4WeHupAxb08Zus8mRBB2e54Mvd3Y
  • Instructions: Please put both of these files in your patch folder. Replace the old Nscript.dat with the new one. Open the game, start any episode, you will notice that the text is now at the bottom. Right click, go to config, activate the textbox you prefer. YOU WILL NEED TO DO THIS EVERYTIME YOU OPEN THE GAME.

Opening Movie Replacements

Older version without textbox -

For people who don't want to use a textbox.

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