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These are questions frequently asked enough to warrant their own page.

Read this F.A.Q. first before asking any questions in the comments, forums, or towards the team. You may be ignored if you don't.

Regarding the project

When will it be released?

Simply put, when we have everything ready. Any important changes will be reported on the homepage. However, the Rondo remake is going on side by side with the Nocturne release.

Are you going to work on another language patch? (E.g., French, Spanish, etc.)

As long as someone who is willing to work on a non-English patch joins and fullfills the requirements of that language patch.

Can I work with you?

We are no longer accepting offers to join our team. If you believe you can wow us with your abilities, feel free to come on chat and show us what you got; good luck. If you suceed, we can make exceptions. If you'd like to be a beta tester, note that we do accept offers for being a beta, but you must work with us and consistently provide feedback. Our beta testing isn't so lax.

If you want to join the team, contact Levani on Skype and we will discuss it with other members. (Skype:Levani22.1)

Do you have an interesting project for us? Bring it up, we'll see...

Can "Group X" collaborate with you?

We will only collaborate under extraordinary circumstances.

Patch-specific questions


Will the team rehash Rondo with Chiru's features?

Yup. Extra features will be included in the Question Arcs patch as well.

I don't want to use sprites/voices/bgs is it possible to remove them?

It is only possible to remove the voices. Sprites and BG are now necessary for the patch to work.


Why can I only see some parts of the patch?

In your patch folder, you should have arc.nsa (translated buttons and images) arc1.nsa (in-game sprites and system menu sprites) arc2.nsa (backgrounds) arc3.nsa, and arc4.nsa (voices). Transfer any arcs from previous releases is unadvised from us. Which parts to keep are a matter of preference, but they must be numbered in order. (E.g., arc, arc1, arc2, etc.)

Onscripter won't be able to read anything when your arcs aren't in numerical order. To remove an arc, rename every arc past it one number down, because your list shouldn't go from arc to arc2 with no arc1.

For example, assume you don't want arc1 (sprites) but you're keeping everything else. To do so, you should rename arc2 to arc1, arc3 to arc2, and arc4 to arc3.

Why can't I save or see the save menu?

Ensure that, during the installation, your Japanese arc files are unchanged by you. (They are the ones in your main folder outside of the UmiTweak folder). To fix them if they are overwritten, do a clean reinstall (i.e., a reinstallation without modifying the files) of Umineko, and put our arc files into our UmiTweak folder.

If you can not get a clean installation for whatever reasons, put the other language's arc2 into the original game folder, and the english arc2 into the UmiTweak Patch Folder.

What do I do if I see a bug or mistake?

Take a screenshot and describe it at the Bug Report page, so the team can see it and adjust accordingly.

Regarding the games

Can you upload CGs/sprites/backgrounds/the Umineko PS3 ISO/original ISO?

No. We are sorry, but as people who support the sales of Umineko Rondo and Nocturne, we can't do that. This patch is for people that have the original game and the PS3 version.

We also won't tell you where can you find the sprites, backgrounds, and CGs.

Can you teach me how to rip the voices/sprites/CG/BG from the game?

Sorry, we can't do something like that. There are some tools for it, however they are meant for translating. As a group that supports the sales of both versions of Umineko (PC, and PS3), we can't do that.

Where can I buy the original game or the PS3 Version?

You can buy the game on Witch-hunt's page . (They have an affiliation with a store that sell them). The PS3 version can be bought where doujinshis or Japanese PS3 Games are sold, such as Amiami .

Do witches exist?


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