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.99c has an ETA for this friday. Currently, we have finished and are just consolidating the data for a release. All data not in this release will be added for .99d, .99d and Chiru still lack a definite ETA, but we have generalized it to be August. Once again, error reports are critical for new patch releases, and our rapid-fire RC releases. Happy tweaking guys!

  • An example of our work
  • Another example of our work
  • Another screenshot of Chiru
  • We in Umineko tweak also works with other languages like French or Spanish.
  • And Polish also.
  • UmiTweak Chiru EP5 Preview
  • UmiTweak Chiru EP5 Preview
  • UmiTweak Chiru EP6 Preview
  • UmiTweak Chiru EP7 Preview

About us

Welcome to the Tweaking Umineko wiki. We are UmiTweak, a group of fans dedicated to patching the original PC Umineko Visual Novels while basing our edits on the Umineko PS3 and PSP releases. Our goal is to make the original PC games as similar to those versions as we can since it is unlikely that the PS3 or PSP version will ever be localized. We specialize in the English version of Umineko. A list of all the fans working to bring you this patch can be found on the Staff and Beta-Testers pages.


For latest updates on what we are doing, head over to the PS3 Port.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss the patch, head on over to the Forum.

To Download the latest releases, head over to the Downloads Page

If you find a bug or an error, please post it on the Bug Reports Page.

To see gameplay of the patch, head over to our Youtube Page.

To talk to one of us about bugs or any how-to with the patch, head to the Chat Room.

To talk to someone of us in special You can check the Staff page.



Results of the poll:


Current status

*Latest Release: Rondo Update

*Next Release: PS3 Port

Our work in action


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