aka Beatrice

Admin Chat moderator
  • I live in Golden Land
  • My occupation is Golden Witch
  • EndlessWitchBeatrice

    Welcome Furnitures and Humans to my little tea room, I hope you like the tea and cookies that my servant Ronove is serving to you. So you are the kind that hates fantasy and denies magic eh THEN YOU WILL CERTAINLY ENJOY THIS.


    Summary October 4:

    The day of the awaited conference started, and the 10 ushiromiyas appeared on Rokkenjima's harbor, Gohda like always offered himself to escort the ushiromiyas around Rokkenjima. Kumasawa with a smile started making jokes related to mackerel and told the cousins about the importance of the fish while enjoying the view of the rose garden. Later when they entered the mansion Maria explained with delight the legend of the golden witch, Rosa didn't like that at all so she…

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