• Phfat-beatrice


    August 19, 2012 by Phfat-beatrice

    Hello everyone.

    I wanted to make this blog post, telling everyone that they need to just chill out a little. I've seen a lot of people pestering the workers of the UmiTweak and you guys need to calm down. They are doing this patch for you all and you should show appreciation for it. ONScripter-EN is not easy to use at all, and the PS3 files are reallly nonsensical. You have to really know what you are doing to work on this patch. I'm sure you all that are pestering them don't know how to work ONScripter. So you shouldn't be rushing them on this. They aren't getting paid for the work they are doing...

    Now on to the actually staff of the wonderful UmiTweak patch. I greatly appreciate you all and hope you guys well. You all are working very har…

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